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Doug Gibson was listed under Who's Who in Florida community colleges as well as Florida Blue Key. He is a graduate from the American School of Florence and also attended Broward Community College, Polk Community College, University of Florida, University of Southern Florida and the American Conference of Audio Prostology.

He worked with Dr. George Osborne, who was a consulting Audiologist for President Ronald Reagan and founder of the International Doctor of Audiology and Degree Bridge program at Salus University in Pennsylvania.

Doug Gibson was Hearing Aid Specialist certified by Governor Lawton Chiles in 1993. He has been in practice in the greater Sarasota and Manatee community since 1994. He has completed his studies through the International Institute for Hearing Instruments, becoming Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. Gibson is also certified in deep insertion techniques and cerumen management. Gibson is a member of the Florida Hearing Aid Society, the International Hearing Aid Society, the Florida Society of Hearing Aid Professionals. He was awarded recognition for his service in providing the gift of hearing to the indigent by Bill Austin, founder of Starkey/Audible and the Hearing Foundation. He was also awarded by The Lions Club in recognition for his service to the hearing impaired.
Over the past 14 years he has been engaged by local ENT's for Audiometric testing including tympanometry, OAE testing and hearing aid dispensing.

Doug Gibson, Hearing Services in Sarasota, FL

Among his patients, he has fit parents of US Senators, Corporate CEO's, Audio Engineers for Disney, local MD's, Attorneys, Pulitzer Prize winning Authors and Educators.

Doug has been factory trained and has personally worn hearing aids from:

• Phonack
• Siemens
• Oticon
• Widex

• Starkey
• GN Resound
• Unitron
• Bernafon
• Rexton
• Beltone


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